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the 70s look

The 1960s marked a revolution in the fashion world. Whereas before women tended to wear conservative clothes that covered them from head to toe, the swinging sixties saw the invention of the mini skirt, the explosion of psychedelic colours and the introduction of the round-framed glasses loved by Yoko Ono, one of the era’s greatest icons.

With such a vast array of vivid and playful trends to choose from, it is hardly a surprise that fashion designers are constantly revisiting this bygone era, bringing back its trends and aesthetics and making it their own by adding their little twists and touches to give them a modern edge.

I love taking inspiration for my own outfits from this intriguing era too because, when done correctly, ’60s inspired outfits emanate a careless, effortlessly chic vibe. Whenever I feel like wearing something casual but still want to make a statement, I put on this colourful shirt decorated with a striking paisley motif and a high-waisted pair of blue jeans. To complete the look I don a pair of black-tinted, round-shaped glasses for an authentic vintage vibe.

It’s a playful and fashionable outfit that makes me look like I’ve just stepped out of the pages of 1960s Vogue – yet, it still looks incredibly relevant and modern today!


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