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Facial exercise, and in particular face yoga and face pilates, is the new skincare trend to take London by storm, so, of course, I had to see for myself what all the fuss is about. That’s how, last week, I found myself at Studio Carme, a private studio in the heart of Notting Hill established by Carme, a Spanish-born fitness and exercise expert eager to bring Facial Fitness and Pilates to a broader group of people.

What pulled me in and convinced me to take the plunge is the holistic approach to beauty of this trend, which focuses on preventing aging from the inside out. The truth of the matter is very simple: our skin is the mirror of what we eat and the lifestyle we lead, and if our everyday habits aren’t healthy, the damage we’re inflicting on our bodies will show up on our faces.

This damage can appear so early that by the time we reach our 40’s and 50’s, we’re taught to believe that we’ve lost our beauty for good – before we’ve even reached half of our life! Carme’s view is that we are still very young at that age and we can look even younger by simply taking better care of our body and our skin.

During our session, Carme explained to me that a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t limit itself to working out only the body, but should also include exercising the over 50 muscles that are located on our face and neck. Although this can sound a bit daunting to those who approach facial exercises for the first time, Carme uses a simple technique, which is based on the training methods of the world’s renowned expert Eva Fraser, that only requires ten minutes a day to tone and strengthen the muscles in the face.

Carme also explained to me all about the musculature of the face and how important it is to target and tone the muscles in each area with its own set of individual exercises to achieve the best results. Her clients see a dramatic difference in their facial appearance in just a short space of time. Their faces appear more youthful because, as a result of these exercises, the underlying muscles have become stronger and are now able to provide more volume to the face.

To support the amazing results of her facial exercise regime, Carme emphasises the need for a restful night of sleep and a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetable, fish, and chicken and low in fast foods and sugar-laden foods. Carme also recommended organic moisturisers to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Her final piece of advice is to practice moderate but consistent cardio exercise, such as running, cycling or swimming, to tone the rest of the body and ease the stress we experience in our daily lives.

I visited Carme studio for a brief lesson on facial exercises but came away with so much more. Carme generously shared with me all that she has learned over the years about how to nourish the skin from the inside and out for a younger-looking and flawless appearance. But her facial exercise regime is what impressed me the most – it is such a revolutionary way to improve your appearance!

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STUDIO CARME is a lifestyle brand established by former investment banker, Carme Farré. In 2012, Carme opened her studio to bring her personal beauty philosophy, which includes healthy eating and exercising to achieve a more youthful look, to a broader group of people. Carme has been practising facial exercises to tone her face, first as a client and then as a practitioner of the Eva Fraser’s method, since her mid 30’s. She is also a Pilates professional so she knows first-hand the benefits of working out her body from head to toe.

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