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What if I told you that the key to fighting blackheads, large pores and dehydration has been hiding in your kitchen all along? This little multi-tasker is none other than the simplest of pantry staples: an egg. Eggs are a rich source of proteins, including collagen, which is absolutely essential to maintain skin’s firmness and vibrancy. On top of it, albumen, the white part of the egg, moisturizes and tightens the skin, which in turn makes both fine lines and large pores look considerably smaller. Like this weren’t enough, albumen provides another benefit for the skin: it is said it can reduce excess sebum and the shine that accompanies it.

Having said that, it is not recommended to crack open an egg and slather its contents all over your skin. Like our grandmothers well know, using eggs for your DIY beauty emergencies is a messy affair that may also put you at risk of contracting salmonella. A safer option is to opt for cleansers, moisturizers and sheet masks enriched with egg protein, like Bioaqua Egg Face Mask.

This sheet mask has quickly become a favourite because the sturdy sheet is so soaked in essence, it feels pleasantly refreshing on my skin – it is something I particularly appreciate now the weather’s turning warmer. As usual, I leave the sheet mask on for about 20 minutes, giving its moisturizing essence all the time it needs to absorb into my skin. When I finally remove it, I pat in the little amount of essence that’s left on my face in order to reap its full benefits.

When I look in the mirror, I can’t help but notice that immediately after application, my skin feels softer to the touch. Its texture is considerably smoother, too: every little imperfection, from fine lines to large pores, now lookS smaller to the naked eye. What’s more, I swear my skin feels that little bit firmer! These effects are even more noticeable the next morning when the egg protein has had several hours to perform its magic.

Now I understand why our grandmothers used eggs for all their beauty needs. Although, I feel so incredibly thankful that I live in a time when technology allows us to take the most out of eggs and leave the messy worst firmly in the past!


Summary: Bioaqua Eggs Face Mask moisturizes and tightens skin, leaving it softer to the touch and reducing the unsightly appearance of both fine lines and large pores.

Claims: This sheet mask is packed with egg protein to intensely hydrate, brighten and control oil in troubled skin.

Key Ingredient: Egg protein.

Where to buy: BeautyMART

Rating: 8/10

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