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Have you ever been interested in taking a Barre class but thought it may be too tough for you? Well let me urge you to reconsider. I’ve recently been seduced by this ballet-inspired class and seen some amazingly fast results. The multitude of benefits you’ll achieve will have you booking your place every week. I like to keep fit and healthy but I wouldn’t describe myself as a gym bunny. However a Barre class is the perfect mix of elements from Pilates, dance and yoga, to muscle tone exercises. Every class is fun, different to the last and leaves you feeling totally energised. Now is the perfect time to get started, as after just a few sessions you’ll be able to feel and see the benefits. Summer is fast approaching so achieve that strong, longer, leaner appearance and feel beach body ready.

One of the best things about a Barre class is that no previous experience is required. You may imagine the class to be full of ex-prima ballerinas, you seemingly quite ‘ugly duckling’ in comparison. However the reality is quite the opposite. You don’t need any dance background to enjoy this class. Everyone has their own starting points, their strengths and weaknesses. The fully qualified instructors will recognise where you are, and if struggling will help you through every movement. You can work at your own speed. Thanks to the different levels within the exercises you can be challenged at your own stage, without effecting the workout of anyone around you. Workouts can even be adapted if you are an absolute beginner, pregnant or suffering from a particular injury. On the other hand instructors would be more than happy to ramp up workouts to really challenge and push you to the next level.

This satisfyingly exhausting class makes me feel incredible. I feel like I’ve worked every muscle from head to toe, and that’s probably because I have! Of course after my first few sessions I did feel sore but that just meant it was working! Although it was the truly invigorating feeling I had post-class that I’ve been telling all my girlfriends about! Rather than being totally drained, I felt energised. It’s what’s known in the industry as the ‘Barre high’.

Thanks to the small and well controlled movements you’ll reduce pressure on your joints and ligaments, that which can occur in a high intensity cardio class. The concentration on core strength will also guarantee a great improvement in your posture. If you do suffer from back pain, it could be down to bad posture so a Barre class would be perfect to gently ease and gradually strengthen back muscles. If you’ve always been after flat abs then this class is the answer to your prayers. By targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time, you’ll slim inches off your waist, thighs and hips. I’ve noticed a much more sculpted appearance on my arms too, and greatly improved flexibility.

As the name suggests classes are taught around using the barre. Although floor exercises, resistance bands and small weights can be included too. Enjoy each class barefoot and wear some simple leggings with a stretchy yoga top for maximum range of motion. Change up your exercise routine and try a Barre class. It’ll change your life, not to mention your body!

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