Halloween in Seoul, October 31st, 2015

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Halloween in Seoul is an extravagant and eclectic experience. Although it’s not as celebrated as in the US, it still provides young adults with an exciting opportunity to celebrate the night away.


Halloween Tree (Better than my Christmas Tree!) at Grand Hyatt Seoul

The most exciting party is at the JJ Marhoney bar, at the Grand Hyatt hotel. Its warm interior, mixing a profusion of antiques and Persian rugs with the newest technical advances in design, was decorated with an eerie Halloween tree. Carefully carved pumpkins, illuminated  by a sea of lanterns, were hanging from its branches, creepingly smiling at the partygoers.


JJ Marhoney Bar, Grand Hyatt Seoul


Even the trucks dress up for Halloween in Seoul. Parked in front of the Skinfood store in the Garosugil district, the Skinfood van was embellished with pumpkins and other festive decorations. It was a spooky invitation to step inside the store and discover all the brand, famous for using only the highest food quality ingredients to feed and nourish skin, has to offer.


The whole Garosugil area is one of my favorite places to go. The ginko-lined streets are home to an abundance of mouthwatering cafés and restaurants, exciting art galleries, and elegant boutiques where fashion people love to gather.




Garosugil area at night

Vibrant and exciting all year round, Seoul is particularly fun and crazy at Halloween. It’s the most thriling time of the year to visit it.





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