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Those who know me well know that travelling is one of my biggest passions – I never miss an opportunity to jump on a plane to a new exotic destination or a faraway country. I believe my love for travelling is the reason why I fell in love with Bruno Acampora perfumes.

A keen traveller himself, Bruno loved nothing better than exploring every corner of the globe to seek out rare resins in the middle of the desert or long forgotten fragrances from ancient trade routes. He then used these precious treasures to create unique perfumes that capture the essence of the places he visited but also draw heavily from his most beloved muse, his home country of Italy.

For example, Volubilis, one of my favourite scents from the brand, is an oriental floral that was inspired by the ancient Roman empire colonial town of the same name, which was located in the stunning country of Morocco. The fragrant roses that grow in the African country are the protagonists of this scent and can be distinctly smelled right from the very beginning. Their soft and feminine aroma is sprinkled with hints of pepper, which infuse this accord with a slightly spicy vibe.

As the minutes go by, Volubilis turns into a floral bouquet where the roses are intertwined with little branches of refreshing and cooling mint, the most energising note that can be used in a perfume. It’s a striking combination that perfectly blends together the two very different cultures that inspired its composition. The bridge between these two contrasting cultures comes in the form of an aquatic undertone that reminds you of the Mediterranean Sea, the water road that, at the same time, separates and unites them.

The botanical vibe of the fragrance is softened in the drydown, a bold blend of patchouli and musk sweetened with warm amber and delicious vanilla. It’s sensual and sophisticated, as suitable for a man as it is for a woman. Volubilis is a simple but luxurious scent, beautifully crafted with only the best natural ingredients and distilled with ancient artisanal techniques that help bring out the real aroma of a plant or resin. Whenever I wear it, it never fails to remind me of the exotic spice markets of Morocco and the luxuriant gardens of Southern Italy – it’s a combination made in heaven.

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bruno acampora volubilis 02

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