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Now you are in Ibiza… The MAGIC island,
let the energy come out of your Soul….
Dance, Love, Dream and enjoy life…
This is what we are living for…
I love Ibiza Style.

By: a dreamer

I will never forget the first time I went to Ibiza, the Spanish paradise that attracts hoards of tourists every year with its sandy beaches and hedonistic lifestyle. I was unaware of it then, but this island would quickly captivate me in a way no other place had ever done before. Now I come back here a few times every summer, and it remains one of my absolute favorite places on earth, no matter how many times I visit.

vicky in ibiza

One of my favorite places to stay in Ibiza is the ME hotel, along the eastern coast of the island. This hotel has a really great rooftop restaurant where you can take in the breathtaking views, and a Mediterranean restaurant devoted to authentic Spanish recipes like seafood paella. The rooms are light and airy, with a minimalist design to really let the views take center stage. But even so, once settled in, I usually just like to relax by the pool and stare out at the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the white sandy beaches on the nearby island of Formentera.

Vicky at the ME hotel
Me At The ME Hotel

ME hotel

Most afternoons I head to Blue Marlin – the coolest beach club on the island – to top up my tan on one of their big, circular beds below the terrace and once in a while dance to the DJ playing that day. This beach club has such a fun, energetic atmosphere, and with so many different DJs and dancers in the most outrageous get-ups, it’s hard to get bored here.

My other favorite place to hang out in the afternoons is Cotton Beach Club. This place looks straight out of heaven, with an all-white seaside restaurant and four-post day beds with white chiffon curtains. They also have a great shop that sells cute shoes, bikinis, kaftans, and accessories, and they usually put on a little fashion show throughout the club for people to enjoy while they eat and drink. It’s also a great place if you’re craving sushi since it’s known to be the best place for it on the island!

Sandals from Cotton Beach Club’s boutique
Sandals from Cotton Beach Club’s boutique

If you’re looking for one more beach club, I would recommend the Experimental Beach. This beach club is located in a secluded area off the very southern tip of the island, and they have some of the most inventive cocktails I’ve ever tried – for example, they even have samphire and caper-infused vodka mixed with watermelon and salt and pepper!

Now onto my favorite nightlife spot: Lio, a glamorous restaurant that morphs first into a cabaret and then into a nightclub as the night gives way to morning. It’s the perfect place to eat delicious seafood, stare in awe at the singers and contortionists that take the stage, and then dance the night away to your heart’s content. They often have celebrity guests in attendance, and last year when I went I happened to see Anne Hathaway and Valentino!

But as much as I love the partying in Ibiza, what truly made me fall in love with the island and what pulls me back every summer is its incredible natural beauty. Under the golden Spanish sun is a blooming landscape of red-soiled farmland lined with rosemary bushes and olive, orange, and fig trees – it’s here that they grow the culinary delicacies that make Spanish cuisine such a treat for the palate.

The view from the Experimental Beach
The view from the Experimental Beach

My favorite corner of the island, though, must be the southwest area, where hills covered in pine trees and steep rocky cliffs meet the white sandy beaches and turquoise sea beneath them. The nature here is absolutely breathtaking, and it always brings out my outdoorsy spirit – not that I’m that outdoorsy. I’m a self-proclaimed city girl at heart!

Still, being outside and connecting with nature has a relaxing effect on my mind and soul. It gives me a real vacation from the chaos and commotion that is London, and it always makes me remember what’s important in life – being happy and appreciating the world around us!

Dance, love, dream, and enjoy life. That’s Ibiza!

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