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Mother Nature creates the most beautiful of scenes. I love to watch the leaves turn burnt orangey red and gently cover the ground. Then to see them come back in spring in luscious green. A breathtaking sunset that seems to last forever creates the most beautiful kaleidoscope of colours. The intricate detail of the petals delicately enveloping each other to create a single rose. Nature is such a marvel. How wonderful it would be to be able to wear such a marvellous creation. So I was overjoyed when I heard about the launch of the new collection by Giovanni Raspini. His beautifully handmade collections combine classic beauty with a contemporary design. This latest collection has been designed with the natural beauty and femininity of nature in mind.

Leopard Necklace by Giovanni Raspini

I love the feminine qualities the cat possesses. Wild cats are no exception yet also have an enticing unpredictability. The way they prowl with their long limbs, reminiscent of the magnificent models at fashion week.

Leopard Collection by Giovanni Raspini

The sleepy cat relaxes in such an elegant way. I imagine the cat has found a cool and shady place to rest on a hot summers day. It reminds me to keep calm under pressure and retain my elegance when times get me hot under the collar.

Leopard Necklace by Giovanni Raspini

The majestic leopard eludes to a mysteriously alluring nature. Running wild and free, just as one should feel in their lives. Having the confidence to chase after what we desire and the courageous of our convictions.

Orangutan Necklace by Giovanni Raspini

Being the most intelligent of all the primates, we have a great affinity for the orang-utan. A mother forms an exceptionally close bond with their offspring, as we do with our own. I love the earthy quality of this necklace, so natural and pure like a mother’s love for her child.

Snake Necklace by Giovanni Raspini

As the snake symbolically sheds her skin, so too can we relate to this feeling of transformation. Long has the snake been connected to the notion of rebirth and growth. How wonderful we feel when we’ve been able to grow through a situation, becoming stronger and more able than before.

Jungle Blue Parrot Necklace by Giovanni Raspini

I have long admired the beauty a parrot holds. Bearing such incredible colours whilst soaring through the skies, seeing the world from a whole new perspective. I imagine myself flying so high and with such grace, it indeed would be magical.

Crocodile Chain Necklace by Giovanni Raspini

Symbolising great strength and power the crocodile print has always been a favourite in the design world. I love how the gentle print is so subtle yet coveys great aptitude. Crocodiles are great protectors, which echoes within all of us and we protect those whom we hold so dear.

Big Daisies Necklace by Giovanni Raspini

Thinking of the timeless beauty of a flower, it’s incredible to see their delicate style mirrored in these romantic pieces. The pretty floral designs are so sweet you can almost smell the flowers intoxicating perfume. I dream of wandering through an exquisite English garden on a warm summers day.


Milky Way Collection by Giovanni Raspini

There’s nothing more magical than being witness to a shooting star. How wonderful when you’re far from the glare of the city lights and the night sky opens up above you like a twinkling jewellery box. The stars are fascinating, mysterious and truly magical.

Animalier Boules Collection by Giovanni Raspini

The Southern Sea collection features a range of necklaces, earrings and a ring. It’s the incredible embellished silver coral designed ring that I just adore. It’s adorned with a freshwater pearl that reminds me of a wonderful holiday spent with family in the Indian Ocean. When I see it sitting pretty on my hand I’m instantly taken back to snorkelling off the reef, admiring the beautiful tropical fish and naturally alluring sea life.

Long Layered Necklace by Giovanni Raspini

Being close to nature can inspire an inner calmness and life tranquility. How incredible to be able to wear a beautifully designed piece of jewellery that echoes that. In a such a busy world we live, I love having a beautiful bracelet or statement ring that I can glance at and it whisks me away to another world.

Coral Collection by Giovanni Raspini

In ancient Chinese culture coral was reserved for emperors as it was deemed so precious. Our coral reefs are even more incredibly important in our lifetime and are a symbol of healthy marine life. I can daydream about the exotic fish swimming around so happily in and out of the corals. Coral coveys serenity, composure and peace of mind.

Jewellery credit : Giovanni Raspini 

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