how red outfit or lipstick can change your mood

What if I told you that a short trip to your closet is the easiest way to change your mood and frame of mind? The colours you choose to wear have a huge impact on your subconscious mind and can determine how you will feel for the rest of the day.

This is why, whenever I feel like I need more courage, power, energy or excitement, I put on a red dress or lipstick. Red is a bold colour that instantly draws attention to the wearer, bestowing her with an aura of empowerment that clearly communicates she’s in control of any situation.

Red is also the colour of passion and excitement, so it’s the perfect hue to wear on a dinner date with your boyfriend or husband, or, if you’re single, catch the eye of that special someone. But, beware! Wearing a red outfit or a red lipstick can also lower your inhibitions, daring you to go places and do things you’d never thought of before.

My favorite red piece of clothing in my wardrobe must be this stylish Ichi Jumpsuit, which I wear whenever I want to inject some excitement or passion into my day. I firmly believe that when you wear red, you are more prone to catch every opportunity that comes your way, making your life more fun and exciting.

This jumpsuit is by Safiyaa, a demi-couture brand that creates timeless pieces fusing traditional couture techniques with a current aesthetic. The brand was founded by Daniela Karnuts, a German-born, London-based entrepreneur who’s trying to challenge our modern ideas of luxury fashion. Each piece is carefully produced in her private atelier and hand-sewn from start to finish by a traditionally trained artisan to ensure the highest-quality standards. His tailoring is truly impeccable, creating a tight fit that comfortably hugs every curve.

This wide-legged jumpsuit also features a black reverse halter neck detail and a neck strap, two unusual touches that give the whole outfit a contemporary edge. It’s one of those stunning pieces that makes a statement on its own, which is why I like to keep the rest of the outfit simple. A black clutch, a neutral pair of heels and a nude lip are all I need to look like I’ve just stepped out of a movie!

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