Are the children happy? Is my husband happy? Are my parents happy? Is my best friend happy? We are always thinking and worrying about the people around us but how often do we ask ourselves, am I happy? These days as a woman we really can have it all. We are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and best friends. Not to mention entrepreneurs, influencers and successful business women. With so much of our exciting lives taking up our days and nights it’s not unusual that our own needs get put to the back of the pile. Although I can’t stress the necessity of taking care of ourselves, after all you can’t pour from an empty cup. I thought I’d put together a checklist of positive self-affirmations. Whether it be last thing at night or when you wake in a morning, take 10 minutes to read through these 5 statements, truly investing in them. Practice self love. It’s not only something we should be practicing ourselves, we should be teaching and instilling self happiness in our daughters, as they are the future. Then if we are content within our own minds, we are more likely to uplift and empower other females. It’s a win win!

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1. I AM WORTHY – We treat our loved ones all time. Cook a special meal for the husband or surprise your best friend with those shoes she’s had her eye on. When was the last time you really treated yourself. I’m not talking about something expensive. A relaxing bubble bath after working really late at the office, letting hubby put the kids to bed. A hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows after getting all the kids bathed, breakfast eaten, dressed and dropped of at school. A satisfying self pat on the back when you remember to send flowers for your mother in laws birthday. Treat yourself with kindness. You work so tirelessly to keep all the plates spinning that it’s rewarding to step back and just appreciate yourself. You are worthy of the very best in life and you should allow yourself to accept it. Believe in yourself.

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2. I AM STRONG – We’ve all had to endure hardships in our lives. It’s a rewarding feeling being able to really appreciate those good times knowing you’ve survived the hard ones. Although when you’re going through troubled times it’s hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I promise you that it’s there, it may be dim at the moment but keeping going and stay positive. Just know how strong you are to have come this far. Remember that a strong person isn’t someone that doesn’t cry. Strong is the one that admits defeat, shed some tears and then gets right back up again.

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3. I AM IMPERFECT – In Japan when items of crockery are broken they are often repaired with gold. This way the flaw visibly represents the provenance of the piece and thus adds to its beauty. We all have imperfections and recognising them makes us stronger. We all have things that we would like to change about ourselves, physical or otherwise. However you’ll achieve inner happiness by accepting that your imperfections are a wonderfully unique part of you. Try to see your imperfections in a positive light, accept them and learn to love them.

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4. I AM BEAUTIFUL – You don’t need the reassurance from others to know that you are beautiful. You are beautiful just the way you are. Sadly we live in a world obsessed with image. We get so consumed with how many likes our photos receive on social media. Constantly comparing ourselves with perfectly edited images of impossibly beautiful images. We can even use filters and photoshop to erase any unwanted flaws. Others are quick to comment, sometimes without kindness or thought. How about we appreciate and love the skin we are in? Realise how wonderfully blessed we are to have the air in our lungs and feel the sun on our faces. If you have daughters shower them with compliments of their intelligence, patience, optimism, and courage. Raise them to believe they are beautiful for who they are and not what they look like.

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5. I AM ME – Most importantly you are the only one that can be you and how wonderful is that? Make yourself a priority, it’s not selfish, it’s necessary. Use these positive affirmations to improve your self belief. Let them mentally strengthen you and help you believe in your own potential. In turn this will help you uplift and encourage the women around you. You will find yourself attracting an abundance of positivity. Be proud of the woman you are today, a one of a kind, uniquely beautiful strong you!

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