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There is something about Bruno Acampora perfumes that takes me in every time. It’s the meticulous craftsmanship coupled with the use of the highest quality raw materials, which are distilled using traditional processes of extraction, maturation and preservation that keep intact their aromas. Whether it’s the zestiness of bergamot, the earthiness of musk or the headiness of jasmine, each perfume makes its every note come alive, engulfing the wearer into a beautiful embrace that lasts from morning till night. Below are my top three favourite Bruno Acampora perfumes that’ll take you from summer to autumn… and back again!


bruno acampora collie

A sophisticated cologne for modern women, Collie starts off with a fresh burst of citrus notes: the slightly acrid aroma of lemon is mellowed down by the sparkliness of the bergamot, imparting an immediate zestiness to the whole composition. All too soon, this top accord fades away, leaving in its trail a floral bouquet composed of heady jasmine and petitgrain. The warmth of amber and the sweetness of tonka beans provide a stark contrast to the freshness of the top notes: it’s the perfect balancing act that makes the fragrance end on a high. Whenever I smell Collie, I can’t help but be transported into the luxurious world of the ’60s Dolce Vita, with its iconic symbols, such as the Lancia Flaminia roaming through the streets past a fashion architect’s refined country cottage – after all, that’s where Bruno Acampora took the inspiration for this fragrance!


bruno acampora egoi

A lot of women steer well clear of patchouli perfumes because their intense aroma can easily overwhelm both the wearer and all those around her. With Egoi, Bruno Acampora takes a completely different approach: the top notes have nothing of the earthy, pungent quality typically associated with patchouli fragrances. Instead, Egoi remains at every stage of its development, a true dewy floral that’s far more suitable for summer and spring than autumn and winter. The fragrance opens with the refreshing aroma of citron, quickly followed by the sensuality of fleshy and rich jasmine. It’s in the drydown that the patchouli, accompanied by the earthiness of musk and the woody smell of cedarwood, becomes more prominent, imparting a roughness and edginess to the entire composition that pleasantly surprises the wearer. It’s a masculine twist on an otherwise dainty and floral scent.


bruno acampora musc body wash

Musk fragrances can too easily veer into masculine territory, a mistake that Bruno Acampora has beautifully avoided with Musc. The opening accord hits your nose with an earthy, green blend of musk and clove that maintains a feminine vibe for a whole hour, when it is toned down a notch of a two by a delicate flower embrace. The aquatic quality of violets, the dainty scent of roses and the heady whiffs of jasmine now take center stage, turning Musc into a fully-fledged female composition. Finally, the drydown, a warm and sweet accord made up of amber and sandalwood, takes over: it’s the perfect end for a feminine scent full of contrasts. Musc is one of my go-to scents for the evening – I love it so much, I got the matching body wash, too!

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