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The best perfumes in the world don’t simply make you smell good; they also perfectly capture the essence of the person or the place that inspired them. Bruno Acampora Blu Pure Essence does this to very colour of the juice: thanks to the Italian niche perfume house’s exclusive right for extracting the unique blue essence of the tuberose, the perfume is a striking blue hue reminiscent of the shimmering sea of Capri.

Its distinctive colour is the ultimate testimonial of the meticulous Italian craftmanship this luxury brand is known for. Sold exclusively in the best fashion boutiques and niche perfumeries around the world, Bruno Acampora only utilizes the most precious of raw materials, which are then distilled and blended together beautifully using traditional processes of extraction, maturation and preservation that keep intact the full aroma of the plant, root or resin.

Calling Blu Pure Essence a perfume isn’t, however, the most accurate of descriptions as essences are the purest undiluted form of a perfume. While eau de toilettes gently caress your skin with the lightest olfactory touch, essences are extremely concentrated: the tiniest drop is enough to envelop the wearer into a heady embrace that lasts for hours on end.

It is extremely easy to accidentally go overboard so, to prevent such an eventuality, I like to gently touch the tip of the wet cap against my pulse points, including behind the ears, on the wrists, and in the back hollow of the knees and ankles. This is especially important when dealing with a powerful essence like that of tuberose, which has the reputation for being an aggressive and persistent flower.

As soon as Blu touches my skin, I am greeted by the pleasant aroma of a green and bitter tuberose that is still in its budding form, eagerly awaiting to bloom in all its splendour. The earthness of the flower is tinged by zesty whiffs of orange, which add a subtle fruity vibe to the opening accord.

A couple of hours in, Blu turns into a full on creamy, white tuberose scent. The flower has finally unfurled its petals, which are dipped in the sweet warmth of sandalwood. In the final hours, the flower merges so much with sandalwood and the newcomer ylang-ylang that it almost seems to disappear. It is the woody base that now takes center stage, while tuberose is just an afterthought that, however, pulls together the whole composition.

Whenever I wear Blu, I feel like I am back in Capri, the beautiful island off the bay of Naples where I spent many carefree and joyful days with my friends last summer. No wonder I am always smiling when I am wearing it!

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