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Musk is a deep, earthy scent traditionally associated with the masculine world. But, the truth of the matter is that this feral scent smells just as alluring on the ladies, especially when it’s wrapped up in a delicate bouquet of flowers that hides its most pungent notes. This is precisely the case with Musc by Bruno Acampora, the luxury Italian perfume house renowned the world over for its meticulous craftsmanship.

Bruno Acampora only uses the highest quality of raw materials, which are then distilled using traditional processes of extraction that preserve their aromas perfectly intact. Therefore, the musk in this perfumes smells like the real kind you’d stumble upon in the woods, in all its glorious intensity. Musc is a pure essence, the strongest concentration of perfume available – definitely not something for the faints of heart!

If you dare to wear Musc, you will be greeted by its earthy aroma from the very moment you pour a few drops onto your pulse points. The opening is a vegetable, earthy blend of musk and clove that, however, never veers too much into masculine territory. After an hour or so, I start to smell the flowers in the composition: the sweet aroma of roses, the aquatic smell of violets and the cloying scent of jasmine envelop the musk into a sensual embrace that tones it down a notch or two. The feminine and masculine facets of musk are here beautifully balanced, making it the ideal scent both for the gentlemen and the ladies on their arms.

Around the ten hours mark, the perfume morphs again, this time falling into the intoxicating arms of sweet vanilla and warm sandalwood. However, at this point, musk is barely a whisper onto the skin: the initial headiness of the perfume has all but evaporated, leaving in its place a skin scent that still lingers well into the next morning.

If I had to use just one word to describe Musc, it’d be hypnotizing. Spicy and dazzling, it reminds me of carefree afternoons spent amid the ancient ruins of Rome and solitary walks amid the region’s woods. I will definitely wear it next time I visit this beautiful city again.

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