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A moment too long spent in the sun, an inflamed pimple on my cheek or an unwanted reaction to a new moisturizer can all turn my flawless skin tone a flushed lobster red. Using a soothing sheet mask with aloe vera before going to bed and letting it work its calming magic overnight never fails to subdue the redness, but there are times when I need a quicker fix that solves the problem immediately. On those occasions, I turn to CathyCat Correcting Tone-Up Cushion, a colour correcting concealer that features a seafoam green shade to counteract the redness and a skin-coloured hue to even out the skin tone.

A green colour corrector is an old trick that has been used for years by celebrities and Hollywood makeup artists to help their clients put their best face forward on the red carpet and the big screen. Green works because it is the opposite of red on the colour wheel and, as I am sure you remember from your art lessons at school, therefore able to neutralise any reddish blemish that may tarnish the skin tone, including acne, rosacea, ruddiness and even scars.

A lot of women are hesitant to try a green colour corrector because they fear trading one skincare woe for another: replacing their flushed patches with even more unsightly green stains. Let me reassure you, this is simply not going to happen if you use a lightweight green colour corrector that’s sheer enough to neutralise the redness without showing its true colour on the skin. Even so, some women prefer to apply their favourite flesh-coloured concealer or foundation on top – just in case.

I sometimes did this myself but I’ve stopped when I stumbled on the CathyCat Tone-Up Cushion. Because the two colours are comfortably nestled into the same compact, I can easily pick up both with the provided sponge and blend away both the red and green hues in one go. On top of it, because cushion formulas tend to be on the sheerer side, I can easily control the amount of product I use in order to avoid it looking unnaturally cakey on my skin.

Needless to say, this colour correcting cushion also has powerful skincare benefits for stressed skin. Redness is often a symptom of irritation that’s aggravated by unprotected sun exposure, two concerns the cushion is equipped to solve. Its lightweight formula is enriched with silk tree extract, which is well-known in Korea for relieving skin stress and has an SPF of 42 to protect your delicate complexion from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Hiding your redness from the world – and for the whole day, too – has never been easier!


Summary: CathyCat Correcting Tone-Up Cushion features a green colour corrector and a flesh-coloured foundation to hide any type of skin redness and even out the skin tone in one quick go.

Claims: 2 in 1 skin tone and skin correction at once. It contains silk tree extract to relieve stressed skin.

Key ingredients: Silk tree extract

Where to buy: Amazon

Rating: 8/10

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