chanel joaillerie private event 2017

In France, the humble wheat sheaf is a powerful symbol of prosperous times, representing both wealth and abundance. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the country’s most illustrious designer, Coco Chanel, adopted it as her personal talisman, scattering the wheat motif all over the walls and furniture of her 31 Rue De Cambon apartment. Decades later, Coco’s lucky charm continues to adorn the stunning sartorial creations the French Maison is most famous for.

More recently, the wheat emblem inspired a sparkling new collection of haute joaillerie that’s truly mesmerizing to behold, as I had the pleasure to discover myself during a visit at the Chanel’s flagship store where the precious jewels are currently on display. The jewels couldn’t have been more faithful reproductions of the golden sheaves, with yellow-coloured diamonds decorated with ears of wheat made from round or marquise-cut diamonds that beautifully glittered under the lights, as if the sun were shining its bright light over these fields of gold.

Among the pieces that stood out to me where the white gold diamond rings that reminded me of clusters of wheat seeds and the tourmalines gems used to represent the first stages of the plant’s growth. But the highlight of the collection is, without a shadow of a doubt, the Fete des Moissons, a magnificent necklace made white and yellow gold and embellished with 932 yellow diamonds – a true symbol of prosperity and abundance.

Nor is the wheat motif limited just to the jewellery. Chanel has turned the whole boutique into a summery Provencal field, with plenty of wheat scattered around every corner of the room, moving graphics that seemed to make the sheaves gently move as if blown by the lightest of breezes and a stormy soundtrack that released in the air the noises and notes of a typical harvest. To top it all off, for the exclusive event Chanel even flew in from Paris a talented team who made lucky charms from wheatgrass for each guest. What a truly fabulous party!

vicky with chanel team

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