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To mark the turn of the lunar year, Chinese New Year has been celebrated for centuries in China and in more recent years all over the world. This years celebrates the Year of the Pig. I love this holiday which sees a magnificent New Year’s Day parade through Chinatown. It’s amazing opportunity for families to gather together to watch the dragon dances and spectacular firework displays. Colours are really important in Chinese culture and all have significant meanings. The vibrant red colour is the most popular colour and is seen to bring good luck. I love to see design houses bringing out special limited editions especially for this holiday.

My favourite this year is the beautiful collection designed by Guerlain. I have recently been super impressed with the release of a report showing their commitment to being a socially responsible house. I think it’s so admirable how they are showing great initiative and incredible thoughtfulness towards the wellness of our world. I feel that a design house with such a prestigious name like Guerlain can really lead the way for other houses and cosmetic companies to follow. 

As part of their advances towards creating a more sustainable world they have become the first house to offer clients to return their empty packaging to CEDRE, a sorting and recycling platform set up by LVMH. They also promise to refurbish the iconic news bottles for like. Which is why I’ve fallen in love with the limited edition Eau de Cologne Imperiale by Guerlain. Such a classic and beautiful fragrance. I love the subtle and delicate citrus fragrance, its a staple on my dressing table. Especially now its has been redesigned with a stunning festive red bottle. The lemon and bergamot notes make this perfume an easy and delightful day fragrance. 

Every girl loves their skincare. It feels wonderful to treat your skin with luxurious lotions and potions. Look no further than the Chinese New Year 2019 Abeille Royale Lifting Oil. Guerlain have worked tirelessly to create this powerful formula that contains Ouessant Black Bee Honey and Royal Jelly. I would describe it as being as rich as an oil, with the strength of a serum yet feels fresh to the skin like a lotion. I love how soft my skin feels to the touch after use. It’s also important to me that I know Guerlain are working hard to protect and sustain our bees. The bee has been such an inspiration to this design house and they want to make sure they are well look after, realising their incredibly power and importance in this world. I love that Guerlain has introduced a programme to raise children’s awareness of the need to protect the bees. 

I always enjoy a red lip and this is the perfect time of year to rock one! The Guerlain KissKiss lipsticks are increasingly hydrating and conditioning, which is perfect for this time of year. I find my lips appear fuller and more plumped thanks to the Commiphora oil. I love the special limited edition red packaging. It also comes in 3 different shades of Rouge isn’t your colour, there’s Sexy Coral or Sugar Kiss. For the ultimate in lipstick luxury you simply must have a carry case. Guerlain has created this beautiful lipstick carry case, with double mirror design allowing me to reapply on go. A must have for every busy girl about town. 

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