There’s a very old society rule that suggests that diamonds should only be worn at night when they can reflect the sparkle in the wearers eye. However, some rules are made to be broken! When so privileged as to be wearing diamonds by De Beers, its inevitable that you’ll stand out from the crowd. And lets face it, Cannes is the perfect place to make a statement. Over the years this world famous cinematographic festival, always held in early May, has been the home some of the most iconic looks on the red carpet. This gathering of actors, models and filmmakers together with the social elite ensures a super sparkling photo call. In classic Cannes dazzling diamonds really are a girls best friend.

Clutch bag by KJ London


Dress by Kukhareva London

I love this dreamy dress. Such a beautiful semi sheer blush gown, it really lets the diamonds do all the talking. The V neck draws the eye to the most dazzling diamond necklace, making it the star of the show. With soft waves to complete the ultra feminine look. This look reminds me of something Grace Kelly would have worn. So reminiscent of those glamorous gowns worn in the fifties. Elegant, pretty and ever so ladylike.

Lingerie by Agent Provocateur


Dress by Kukhareva London

I really enjoyed wearing this playfully naughty sheer dress. It’s not everyday you get to wear such an outfit! The dress code for this years Fashion 4 Relief event was Tribe. I think in Cannes you can really push the boundaries and maybe step out of your comfort zone for one night. Just remember that one of the most important things you’ll have to wear with this dress is confidence! Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner both championed very sheer dresses on the red carpet at this years festival. I chose to team my dress with beautifully elegant black underwear.
Wearing my hair up really showcased these exquisite diamond earrings. If you have some statement earrings, it really is best to wear your hair off your face. This ensures the full attention can be given to your wonderful earrings.


Diamonds by De Beers

The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were the tears cried by the Gods. While the Romans romantically thought that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds. This may well be the first time diamonds were associated with love. Not surprisingly they have been valued, treasured and coveted for thousands of years.

Wearing the London by De Beers Thames Path Necklace. Please contact De Beers to arrange your private viewing.

Both dresses by Ekaterina Kukhareva.  Lingerie by Agent Provocateur. Clutch bag by KJ London.

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