Exercise : It’s a Commitment

Wellbeing  /   /  By Vicky Lee

It’s fair to say I have a busy lifestyle! With four children, an energetic boxer dog, and a full time job as an influencer, things can get very hectic! People assume that being a blogger is all very glamourous and just about  posting a photo on social media here and there. When actually there’s so much thought, dedication and hard work that goes into every post. Creating contents, meeting with different brands and attending events. There are so many times I wish there could be 48 hours in a day or be able to duplicate myself to get everything done! So it’s not surprising that a lot of people ask me how I find the time to exercise? Trust me, when I am burning the candle at both ends a workout is the last thing I want to do. However I’ve found that if I push myself to go to the gym, then I never regret it! I leave feeling totally renewed, with more energy, having sweated my stresses away!

 I’ve never thought that exercise was just being about in shape. It means so much more than that. I find it therapeutic in a way, especially after long day with kids or stresses at work. It helps clear my head, making me feel mentally stronger. I truly believe that you have to make time for yourself. Especially being a mother, we always put ourselves last. It’s important to take a little ‘me time’. The gym has become my special place where I can de-stress and get re-motivated.  Although a lot of times, I still feel guilty going to the gym instead of spending more time with the kids and my husband. 

 For me, exercise is one of the greatest ways to get away from all of it. Giving you that vital boost for your self confidence by making you feel great about yourself. My workout routine is a commitment. I have totally committed myself to making sure I get enough sessions in a week. I have seen and felt the benefits. It’s undeniably worth it! I believe when you’ve made that commitment to yourself, you more likely to stick to it! My amazing personal trainer experience has transformed how I workout. I actually look forward to my sessions with her, knowing I’ll get the most out of my time spent there. I can actually say I am loving going to the gym! I feel like Equinox is fast becoming my second home. I arrive there stressed and overworked yet leave with my batteries recharged, fully inspired and ready to take on another exciting day!

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