Whenever I crave Chinese food, I head straight to Hakkasan. Located in Hanway Place, they offer the crème de la crème of Chinese fusion cuisine.


Hakkasan is a great spot for a big group dinner such as a birthday party or post-happy hour outing because most of the dishes are in huge portions that can easily be shared. I also love the interior of Hakkasan, which is modern and chic with an ethic, Chinese twist. The energy and vibrancy of the restaurant almost makes me feel like I’m eating at a night club, which I love!

My favorite is the dim sum platter. It comes with steamed pork and prawn, waguy beef, crispy duck roll, sticky rice in lotus leaf, salt and pepper squid, and sweet black sesame ball.

I highly recommend the salt and pepper squid. The squid is always cooked just right -so crispy and chewy!

Dimsum Platter



Roasted Silver Cod with Champaign and Honey

The roasted silver cod with champagne and honey is another favorite of mine. Perfectly sweet and savory at the same time. The balance of contrasts is a real treat for the palate! I also love the mabo vegetables with spicy tofu. It’s a bit spicy, but if you can take a little spice, it’s worth it. The tofu truly melts in your mouth! Then, there’s the morning glory stir-fry in chilly. I had never had morning glory with vegetables before trying this dish, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the result.  

The same attention to detail paid to each dish is reserved for each and every guest as well. The front of house staff is very attentive and considerate, catering to my every need with a smile on their faces and a nice word. With its sultry atmosphere, scrumptious dishes, and meticulous staff, there is no better place to enjoy a taste of the best Chinese food in London. 


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