layering the secret behind korean skincare

Korean skincare has a strong focus on hydration, which we all know is the key to a flawless complexion. Hydration plumps up the skin, giving it a beautiful glow and a younger and healthier appearance.

Toners, essences, serums, ampoules, sheet masks, and sleeping masks are all Korean products that are designed to infuse your skin with a burst of hydration. The important thing to note is that these products are meant to be layered, and, when following a hydrating skincare routine, layering products in thin layers, starting with the lightest textured products and ending with the heaviest textured products is vital.

This process makes each of the products work together more effectively. Skin is like a sponge: the wetter it is, the more absorbent it gets. Each hydrating layer helps the following layer better penetrate the skin, giving your skincare routine optimal results.

It’s important to focus on light layers, so as not to overwhelm the skin with product. Plus, when the layers are so thin, they feel very comfortable on the skin – you never feel like your face is covered in a thick, greasy goo!

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