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Everyone always thinks that the New Year is the best time to embark on new fitness regime. However, I’d suggest that spring/summer really is a much better season to start. Not only are the days longer and lighter, you feel happier when its warmer and sunnier. Your summery wardrobe encourages you to show a little more skin which in turns motivates you to hit that gym. However, everyone has different expectations and goals from a gym session. In our very busy daily schedules its a luxury to even fit a gym session in. If I’m spending an hour at the gym I want to feel like I’ve spent it well. I want to know that when I leave I can feel satisfied in reaching my overall fitness goals. That is why I feel its really important to have a personal trainer.

Ultimately my success in the gym is directly related to how hard and how often I train. Some days are harder than others to wake up and feel motivated. However, with my personal trainer i know that she will be ready and waiting for me as soon as I walk in that gym. Knowing that she’s created a personalised circuit training session for me I feel confident I am going to be worked sufficiently hard. Not only is she focused on my time in the gym, she also encourages me to be fitness minded at home. Helping with meal plans and smart snack choices which is just as important when wanting to reach those bikini body goals.

Each session is a little different from the last. Which is great. It keeps me on my toes and means I never get bored. If you’re after a full body workout then circuit training is the one for you. You get all the benefits of muscle building and toning together with an intense cardio workout. The exercise options are endless, so every time I’m working and improving my body without the monotonous feeling of the same old workout. In one session I could be burning calories on the track, strength training with either body or free weights and then toning up with resistance bands or the TRX. The most amazing thing about having a trainer is that I know I’m doing every exercise correctly. She will always check to make sure my posture and positioning is correct ensuring minimal injuries.

We move quickly through the circuit, usually of about 8 different stations working different muscle groups. This gets your heat rate up burning those calories and then obviously toning and strengthening muscles too. We do about 10 reps at each station around the circuit. We have a short rest in between and then on to the next station. My trainer will observe if I’m working within my limits, sometimes ramping up the weights if she thinks I can push harder. This is a really helpful part of having a trainer. As she has begun to know me and my body so well she can push me that extra bit. I wouldn’t be able to do on my own.

Since having my personal trainer I have seen real changes and positive improvements. I feel excited about my next gym session knowing that I’m going to get so much more out of it than a regular gym visit. In our hectic lives its essential we take good care of ourselves. Eating a healthy varied diet and exercising regularly. This has been proven to keep your stress levels low, helping you get more out of life.

Credit Location : Equinox Kensington +44 (0) 207 666 6000

Personal Trainer : Verena Stefanie

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