My La Perla Love Story

Style  /   /  By Vicky Lee
La Perla means more than lingerie to me, its beyond beautiful, it’s beyond how I see myself in it.
“Being sexy” is all for myself. it’s the ultimate privilege we have as a woman. For me it transcends the bedroom, its more than that, it’s within me. Woman’s confidence starts when they start feeling sexy about themselves, not worrying about or asking for anyone’s validation.
I believe there is power in lingerie.  It can create magic on bad days! When I feel insecure or I want to feel beautiful about myself, then lingerie is the answer. Feeling comfortable in my own skin is so important to me. It all comes from within.
That’s how I fell in love with La Perla. Having four young children and a husband to take care is challenging but I love it. I quickly learnt taking care of myself wasn’t just a luxury, it was a necessity. I have to realise I am more than just someone’s wife, someones mother, someone’s daughter, someone’s sister and someone’s friend. I have to take the time to value just being me. When I am feeling fulfilled within myself, I will be able to give others and appreciate others. When I leant to love myself first, what I am capable of is beyond what I realise.
La Perla gives me the opportunity to momentary love myself and shows me the way to celebrate being a woman. The handmade ultimate classic lace just oozes  femininity. The elegantly hand embroided lace makes me feel extremely sensual yet elegant. One of my favourite pieces has to be one of their corsets. Whenever I wear them, I feel like I am ready to conquer the world, although the world might not see it! Like a superhero, I can go about my day, knowing beneath my clothes I have true power!
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