There’s not one among us that wouldn’t relish the thought of having a facial. A full hour, or maybe a little more, dedicated to pure relaxation of the mind and the health of our skin. Taking that time to truly invest in the future of our skin we can ensure that we are always looking and feeling our best. The benefits of facial massage are bountiful, not only does it make us feel incredible, it does wonders for our skin. Relaxing the facial muscles can help slow down the onset of wrinkles, reduce puffiness and aid skin cell renewal.

Now your average facial will generally include a multi step treatment of cleansing, exfoliating and hydration. However I have experienced the next level in facial treatments. Its exclusively available at the Vaishaly Clinic, and its aptly named the Vaishaly Signature Facial. It’s been created by the superfacialist herself Vaishaly Patel. This is not your every day facial. Be prepared to totally fall in love with this treatment, I certainly have. It’s my absolute skin saviour and the secret to my skincare routine.

I love how every Vaishaly Signaure Facial is individually designed, so I know that I’m personally getting what’s best for my skin. Facialist Vaishaly will always have a chat with me beforehand considering my general wellbeing, any hormonal or lifestyle changes. This ensures she can apply a truly specific prescriptive facial just for me. Afterwards I always feel that I’ve received a really deep cleanse, that I just couldn’t achieve at home. I think its mainly thanks to the gentle micro dermabrasion, that seems to reveal a brighter and naturally more radiant skin. I simply love it.

It’s interesting to think that our super busy lives could have an affect on our appearance. It’s thought that if we are holding on to any emotional or mental stress that this can be expressed outwardly on our skin. So during this amazing facial, Vaishaly really ensures that I switch off my mind and reach a place of complete and pure relaxation. It’s an incredible feeling. I believe this technique really helps to improve the skins vitality from the inside. After just one session I could not only see but feel the difference in my skin. I can’t wait for my next one!

Credit: Vaishaly Clinic

Contact: Vaishaly Clinic, 51 Paddington Street, London, W1U 4HR  020 7224 6088


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