resonances de cartier

Cartier is a luxury brand that is synonymous with alluring and timelessly chic jewellery that dazzles women the world over as much for the outstanding beauty of its designs as for the exquisite craftsmanship that brought them to life. This summer, the French luxury Maison is casting its dazzling spell on the British capital: for the first time in 10 years, the Cartier High Jewellery Collection, which includes more than 600 mouth-dropping creations, is travelling to London.

I was honoured to receive an invitation to the reveal of Resonances de Cartier at the Reform Club on 12th July, one of the many events Cartier hosted during the two weeks of celebrations. Here, I had the chance to get an exclusive sneak peek of the collection, which was every bit as mesmerizing as I had imagined, if not more! The collection contains over 50 pieces that had never been seen anywhere before (rumour has it, just as many will be unveiled at the New York launch this October).

Needless to say, these new pieces were the center of everyone’s attention, but on the display were also iconic Cartier high jewellery creations that have been loved and worn by the stars over the decades, including watches, clocks, objects and accessories. To top it all off, Cartier paid homage to its impressive heritage with a curated selection of antique pieces from the Tradition collection.

Notable attendees included the guest of honour Arizona Muse, fashion designer Caroline Issa, and fashion model Neelam Gill. Tara Minton, one of the most gifted harpists of our generation, entertained us with a beautiful musical set in the garden, while a special sound installation brought the title of the exhibition to life.

But, the best treat of the night was, without a shadow of a doubt, the opportunity to have my portrait photo taken by world-renowned photographer George Harvey while wearing a selection of the stunning jewellery creations from Resonances de Cartier. I settled onto a diamonds and pearls parure that features a pendant-like necklace, a glittering pair of earrings and – my favourite piece – an understated but extremely elegant tiara. As I was trying on these beautiful pieces, I couldn’t help but feel like a princess in a fairy tale.

It was one of the most magical nights of my life and I can’t thank Cartier enough for the unforgettable emotional experience – it will forever printed in my heart.

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