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What sets luxury Korean skincare apart is its emphasis on tradition, and no brand embodies this philosophy better than The History Of Whoo. Drawing their inspiration from the beauty recipes of Queen Jahee, whose skin is said to have been flawless well into old age, The History Of Whoo uses natural herbs and extracts that have been employed since ancient times in Korean holistic medicine for their healing and regenerative properties.

The History Of Whoo’s star ingredient is Gongjinbidan, which is made up of 6 different ingredients: Siberian deer antler, angelica roots, wild thyme, cornelian cherries, asparagus roots, and acanthopanax root bark. This complex is a powerful booster that is said to soothe, brighten and rejuvenate skin, while also helping to absorb toxins, repair wounds, improve the immune system, and even strengthen the qi (chi).

If you’re new to the brand, the best introduction to the History of Whoo is through one of its many sets, like this one I picked up last time I was in Seoul which features Gongjinbidan. This set contains the Hwa Hyun Balancer, the Ja Saeng Essence in 25 and 40ml, and the Hwa Hyun Lotion for a balanced skincare regime.

The first step is The Hwa Hyun Balancer, a toner with a lightweight, jelly-water texture infused with gold – if you look closely, you can see it shimmer! Although I use a very small amount, I need to really pat it into my skin get it to sink in, which can take a while. But even still, the results are more than worth the little extra time that the application takes. The balancer leaves my skin well-hydrated, soft, and dewy. I can also count on it to help fight premature aging because it contains collagen-boosting and skin-rejuvenating properties from the Gongjinbidan and ginseng extract.

The second step involves the slightly thick and golden-coloured Ja Saeng Essence, which reminds me of honey because of its color and consistency. Although it’s richer than most essences, it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving behind a sticky feel. After a few days of use, I noticed that my skin looked a bit brighter than usual. Then, about a month later, I noticed another subtle change in my skin: it has become firmer, too

As the last step, I use The Hwa Hyun Lotion. Out of all the three products, this one has the richest consistency, yet is the fastest to sink into skin. It glides onto skin really smoothly, making it easy to keep skin evenly hydrated. Just after use, I’ve come to see that my skin looks instantly more plump and glowy. But, again, it’s in the long-term that the lotion performs its best. Like the essence, it has firming properties that makes skin bouncier and more resilient over time.

Another reason why I love this set is the white floral scent, which is very feminine. The gorgeous bottles make my vanity look luxurious, too. The History of Whoo really thinks of everything, from results and ease of use to even scent and style. Definitely a brand worth investigating!


Summary: The History Of Whoo’s Hwa Hyun Balancer, Ja Saeng Essence, and Hwa Hyun Lotion have luxurious textures enriched with hydrating, skin-brightening, and skin-firming complexes that leave skin soft, bouncy, and dewy.

Claims: Revitalizes and brightens imperfect complexions and is suitable for combination to dry skin. Includes the most prestigious ingredients of powdered deer antlers and powdered gold that allows your skin to quickly absorb its lightweight texture.

Key Ingredients: Gongjibidan and ginseng extract.

Rating: 8/10

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