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If you live in London, you’ve probably noticed that thermal cutting is the latest hair innovation to have taken the city by storm. This revolutionary technique, which uses heat to cut and strengthen hair at the same time, has recently been introduced to the Urban Retreat Hair Salon on the fifth floor of Harrod’s, the world’s most prestigious department store, by catwalk hair stylist and thermal cutting expert Josh Rees Hole. I was honoured to have received an invitation to try the new Thermal Cut & Blow Dry and I knew my hair couldn’t have been in better hands.

thermal cutting 02

The hot thermal scissors used for this treatment have many benefits for your hair, helping to strengthen, protect and thicken it as it is cut. The heat of the scissors ranges between 110-170 degrees Celsius but, as I was very relieved to find out during the treatment, the temperature can be adjusted based on your hair type and needs so your head won’t feel the burn.

Although heat has often been accused of damaging hair, thermal scissors are gentler and less damaging for your hair than traditional scissors. While traditional scissors open the cuticles, leaving your locks prone to the environmental damage that inevitably leads to dryness and frizz, hot thermal scissors are able to seal the ends of your hair as they are cut by warming Keratin, the natural protein that makes up approximately 88% of your hair.

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With the ends now properly sealed, your hair is able to retain moisture and withstand environmental damage, which promotes the regrowth of healthy and shiny hair and, with regular trims, completely eliminates split ends. On top of it, sealing the rough edges back again gives your hair a voluminous boost that makes it look thicker and fuller. Best of all, a thermal cut is suitable for all hair types, but is especially beneficial for people who aren’t willing to sacrifice the length of their locks to fix the damage they sustained.

Although I only had my hair slightly trimmed to get rid of the damage that was visible on its ends, after the cut my hair looked completely transformed. Not only was the damage gone but I could tell my hair gained both volume and shine. I had no idea that a simple trim could have such a positive effect on my hair and was amazed by this new technology!


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