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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably know that South Korea is always at the forefront of beauty innovations. After revolutionizing our skincare regimes with 10-step routines, hydrating essences and nightly sheet masks treatments and introducing BB Creams and cushion compacts into our makeup stashes, this spring K-beauty is bringing us innovative textures, breakthrough acne treatments and the convenience of pre-portioned items. Although skincare remains the main focus, K-beauty is also turning its attention more and more toward makeup and hair care, a cue that some exciting innovations are quickly brewing in these departments, too. Here are the top 5 K-beauty trends for spring 2017:

1. Powder To Liquid Formulas

iope enzyme powder treatment wash

Like the name suggests, these innovative formulas start their life as ordinary powders but transform into liquids once they come in contact with water or are rubbed onto the skin. Far from being a clever gimmick, the use of powders eliminates the use of water in these formulas, which results in cosmetics that are more stable, powerful and longer-lasting. At the moment, this new technology is being employed only in the formulation of cleansers and serums but I have absolutely no doubt it will expand to all areas of the cosmetic world.

2. Acne Gel Bands

acne gel bands

Acne patches are one of the most powerful blemish-fighting weapons K-beauty has added to our beauty arsenals in recent years. The newest generation of these patches comes in the form of gel bands, gel formulas that are painted onto the pimples, where they dry into a liquid Band-Aid. This new twist allows the formula access to the pores, purifying them from within.

3. Pre-Portioned Skincare

pre-portioned skincare

If you’ve ever wondered just how much serum or moisturizer you should slather on your skin to reap their maximum benefits, this new K-beauty trend answers the dilemma once and for all. Pre-portion items contain just the precise amount you need for each application, taking the guesswork out of your hands. On top of it, pre-portioned items make travelling a whole lot easier, too! No need to bring along a huge jar of moisturizer anymore. Just pack the doses you need in your carry-on and you’re good to go.

4. Less Focus On The “No Makeup” Makeup Look

decline of no makeup makeup look

Korean women have always snubbed colour cosmetics, focusing instead on a naturally clear and glowy complexion. In later years, influenced by the rise of Youtube stars, consumers are starting to veer towards a more Western style of makeup that involves contouring, a bold statement lip and vivid eyeshadow shades. While the “no makeup” makeup look isn’t in any danger of disappearing just yet, the millennial generation is demanding more variety of shades and hues in their colour cosmetics. Personally, I am very curious to see how Korean makeup brands will adapt to this new demand – I am sure it will lead to some groundbreaking innovations in the realm of colour cosmetics!

5. 10-Step Scalp Routine

innisfree camellia essential hair oil serum

A 10-step regime isn’t just for the face or body anymore. Both women and men in Korea take extreme good care of their tresses and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to achieve a voluminous, glossy mane. The key product in this routine is hair essence, a concoction that deeply hydrates your hair, leaving it as silky soft as a baby’s. No Korean woman will ever be caught without it!

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