Sustainable fashion. It’s not something we often think about, but maybe we should all be shining more light on this topic. Shockingly the fashion industry is one of the worst environmental polluters in the world, second only to the oil industry. I was so shocked and saddened to discover this. It’s mainly caused from over farming and the extensive pesticides used in the growth of the cotton, not to mention the chemicals used in the manufacturing process. It’s upsetting to know that this all impacts on the soil for future uses. Its so damaging for the environment. 

Outfit by Faith Connexion

The root of this catastrophic problem is what we call ‘fast fashion’. This new culture of unbelievably cheap fashion garments, that are really designed to buy and throw a way. There’s no longevity to these low cost clothes which are literally piling up in landfills. When you see the size of the of the fast fashion stores, you can only imagine the amount of clothes that will get thrown out after little use. Disturbingly I found out that a lorry full of thrown out clothes gets sent to landfill every second. 

Jumpsuit by Outline via Wolf & Badger, Jacket by Florence Bridge, Earrings by Latelita via Wolf & Badger

However there is a quiet army of brands out there really trying to make a difference. I believe its our duty as consumers to support these companies. If we can get behind these companies and at least slow down this trend for fast fashion, we could hopefully start reversing some of these horrible affects. One way we can do this is by buying into designers that have an ethical heartbeat.

Dress by Adelina Rusu via Wolf & Badger, Boots by Nicholas Kirkwood, Ring by Konplott Uk, Earrings by Giovanni Raspini

Take for example, Beulah, this wonderful London fashion boutique vows to empower women who make and wear their clothes. They a re part of the new movement of brands and businesses embracing better business practices with 10% from all of their sales funding The Beulah Trust. Amazingly the funds from Beulah Trust help to support projects and initiatives that create sustainable livelihoods for victims of trafficking.

Dress by Lisou via Wolf & Badger, Clutch by Simitri via Wolf & Badger, Glasses by Black Eyewear

Recently I was really impressed to discover the lengths Guerlain are going to become a sustainable beauty house. There are really leading the way for cosmetic companies. With such a prestigious name in the beauty world i hope that their efforts really inspire other houses to follow suit.

Dress by Hathairat via Wolf & Badger, Choker by Giovanni Raspini

I think being able to support independent designers and artisans is amazing. Wolf and Badger sells the worlds best independent fashion, jewellery, accessories, homeward and beauty brands. They carefully select ethical and socially conscious designers from all over the world, showcasing their products. Its fantastic! This way independent designers can thrive and get the exposure they need, and we as consumers get to purchase super stylish items that are ethical.

Jumpsuit by Outline via Wolf & Badger, Jacket by Florence Bridge, Clutch by Simitri via Wolf & Badger, Rings by MVTD Collection via Wolf & Badger, Earrings by Latelita via Wolf & Badger

Marks and Spencer’s will be making a big statement this Spring Summer 19 with the debut of their vegan shoe range. I’m so pleased to see that they are making efforts to become more ethical, hopefully this will create a butterfly effect on the high street as well. Keep your eyes peeled to my Instagram stories as I can unveil a sneaky preview of this ground breaking vegan shoe range! I think you’re going to love them!

Dress by Hathairat via Wolf & Badger, Choker by Giovanni Raspini


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